YAPIST(Youth Awareness Programme-International Skills Transfer)


YAPIST is PIE’s initiative to contribute positively to the renaissance of Africa! YAP engages young adults outside of Africa, to take interest in understanding the challenges of the continent while IST on another level, forms a support structure for developing nations through the provision of specialist skills from contributors in the international community.


While encouraging global integration and ensuring world peace, families in the diaspora can key into opportunities that can expose their young adults to the culture, language and nuances of the nations of their birth, through mentoring, acquiring new skills, self-discovery and adventure.

Reciprocally, YAP encourages the youth to contribute towards improving youth education and growth of small businesses in meaningful ways, with a view to minimize financial immigration due to limited local opportunities .    YAP provides support for ongoing undergraduate and post-graduate research work, which directly tackle diverse issues in Africa. With YAP, Educational Tourism has become more vibrant than ever before.

Identified Service Providers (families, organizations, educational establishments) offer a range of support services to the young adult, who, in this case, is the Service Consumer. Our custom search engine will review database of Providers and Consumers, to match both and identify suitable options. The potential Providers and Consumers, who provide their profile on the platform can at the same time carry out their own searches, depending on the type of experience they would like to have.

IST programme shifts the approach to developmental support for developing countries from mass fund donations by the international community to governments of developing nations, to direct specialist skills provision to the grassroots, which is where real change is created. Support is thereby provided directly to the end beneficiaries, with no interface between. IST creates seasoned professionals at the grassroots level in the categories of: Education, Health, Local Government, Agriculture and Engineering.


 So far since PIE became active in Oyo State, Nigeria, the following have taken place;

Mar 28, 2018 -Submission of formal letter inviting collaboration with the office of The Special Adviser to the Governor of Oyo State on Education.
Mar 28, 2018 -Presentation to invited Local Government Caretaker Chairmen and Local Council Development Areas, introducing the YAPIST programme to them.
April 26, 2018 – Presentation to 300 Business Owners in Ibadan City & Environs, introducing the YAPIST programme.
May 18, 2018 – Presentation to students of Government Secondary School, Oluyole, Ibadan, introducing Staff and students to the TEA programme.

In the process of planning a Paper Craft Workshop/Exhibition under the auspices of the OYOMESI programme (Office of The Special Adviser) to prove that education impacts in every sphere of human endeavour. This is slated for June 12, 2018


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