Youth Awareness Programme (YAP)

The challenges faced by young people in a developing setting such as in Africa is radically different from those encountered in the developed world. While the African youth is focused on survival and the acquisition of wholesome education, these issues generally do not feature in most western societies as they are a given. PIE’s Youth Awareness Programme (YAP) is aimed at encouraging YOUTH from outside Africa (especially children of African Diasporians) to engage with AFRICA. YAP delivers the components described below.


Similar to IST, a Young person can access PIE’s YAPIST Engine to identify which opportunities exists within a range of countries, based on their need. YAP delivers a range of benefits to the participant – these are reviewed in more detail below.


1. Self-Development – The participating youth will have ample opportunities for Self Discover, becoming more Independent and learning to be Self-Sufficient, given the back drop of the immersion environment

2. International Awareness – As the world becomes a smaller place, the need to be worldly aware cannot be over emphasised. Our YAP allows young people to experience the other World in a safe and secure setting

3. Work Experience – A young person can be provided with short term work exposure in the country of their      choice via YAP

4. Research and Mentoring – For those wishing to back their final thesis with a real-life project, YAP can be a channel to this. YAP also offers a young person the opportunity to actively mentor other young persons in a suitable and appropriate setting


5. Cultural Immersion – Some youth that were born in the diaspora or may be left their mother country when they were much younger have the desire to know their source of origin better. This could be for various reasons from meeting the extended family to learning how to cook a delicacy – either way, YAP can help